Icing Smiles Brave Heart Bryson Cake

I had the pleasure of creating my third Icing Smiles cake for a sweet little guy who was celebrating his first birthday. His nick name is Brave Heart Bryson, so the family wanted lots of hearts. My assistants, Theresa and Sarah helped create this cake. I hope Bryson and his family enjoyed his first birthday cake as much as we enjoyed making it for him!




Woodland Friends Cupcakes

The forest and the adorable critters that habitat the forest were the inspiration for these cupcakes. The cupcakes were made for an upcoming texture mat set that will be available in November (the flower fun mat is featured). I love hand modeling figures and decided to create super easy figures for these cupcakes. Each character took less than 10 minutes to create. The flowers used were PME ready-to-go small and medium flowers. I love to keep ready made flowers on hand when I need just a few flowers here and there.

woodland6 (1 of 1a)

Hand Molded Woodland Fox

woodland3 (1 of 1)

woodland4 (1 of 1)

woodland5 (1 of 1)

woodland11 (1 of 1)

woodland12 (1 of 1)

FRED and FRIENDS letter and number cutter sets

I’m loving the letter and number pressed sets from Fred and Friends. I’ve used them for cookies and for letter and number accents on cakes. You can buy the sets here.

ff-lpn ff-lpress


sample-butterfly45 (1 of 1)

End of Summer Hawaiian Bash

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of summer. My kids start school in about two weeks! Here are some projects made for celebrating summer with a Hawaiian Luau. The cookies, cake, and cupcakes were all made using rolled fondant and textured using the Hawaiian texture mat set.

sample-hawaiian (1 of 1)


sample-hawaiian2 (1 of 1)

sample-hawaiian3 (1 of 1)


I can’t take credit for these adorable coconut drink cakes. Mindy, my co-worker made these.

sample-hawaiian4 (1 of 1)

Grease-themed Icing Smiles Cake

I was thrilled to be asked to complete my second Icing Smiles cake. This cake was for a beautiful little 7-year old girl who loves the movie Grease. I can’t take all the credit for the cake though! Theresa, one of my assistants, made the awesome car on the top, while Sarah, another assistant, made all the little jackets, records, and the jukebox. The two of them also worked on the tedious border around the bottom tier! We all had fun making the cake and hope that Korigan had a fantastic party!

6-18e (1 of 1)

6-18b (1 of 1)

6-18c (1 of 1)

6-18d (1 of 1)



Flying High, Airplane Birthday Party Treats

These little airplane treats are all simple projects using polka dots and red, white and shades of blue.

Visit for instructions creating these airplane treats.

Sneak peek- Cupcake and Cookie Texture Sets

After many long months of waiting, I finally have the Cupcake and Cookie Texture tops almost ready to go! By next week I will have three of the six sets ready to sell. The following are the sets that will be available:

Whimsy Blooms

Samples using the Geometric Cupcake and Cookie Texture Top Set:

Geometric Cupcake Tops. Elegant on their own!

1st birthday cookies with cupcake texture tops

Flower cupcake with Geometric Textures

Bunny Cupcakes with Cupcake Texture Tops

About the Texture Sets:
The texture sheets are made of a lightweight clear plastic. Either side of the mat can be used. One side will give a raised impression, while the other will give a recessed impression. Each set comes with three mats. Each mat has a design that is repeated four times. Below is a sample of the geometric set.

3 sheets- Each with a design repeated 4-x's (12 textures total)

Instructions using the cupcake texture sheets:
Bake and cool cupcake. Generously ice cupcake with your favorite cupcake icing. Lightly spray texture mat with a cooking spray. Wipe excess grease with a paper towel. Roll rolled fondant to approximately 1/16” thickness. Place the smooth, rolled side of the fondant face down on the texture mat. Place the rolling pin on one end of the fondant with the mat underneath. Firmly roll over the fondant, rolling to the opposite end. Do not double roll. Lift the mat and the fondant. Flip over the mat so the fondant is on the bottom and the mat is on top. Peel back the mat. Cut fondant using a circle cutter from Autumn Carpenter Cupcake Top Fondant Cutters. Place textured fondant circle on top of the iced cupcake. If icing has crusted, brush a thin layer of piping gel onto the icing or slightly dampen icing with a small amount of water from a squeeze bottle to adhere the fondant circle.

Coordinating Cupcake Top Fondant Cutters:
The diameter of baked and iced cupcakes may vary according to recipe, amount of batter, and amount of icing used. Choose a cutter sized to completely cover the top of the iced cupcake. Use the texture sets in conjunction with my Cupcake Top Fondant Cutters. The cutter set contains 3 stainless steel cutters, 2¾”, 3” & 3¼” for standard size cupcakes.