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Zombie Cookies

Zombies seem to be everywhere these days. Could it be because Halloween is in a couple days? Possibly, but it seems as though zombies dominate all areas of media throughout the year. My husband’s favorite show is Walking Dead. All four of my kids love zombie video games. I happen to have love zombie movies. One of my favorite all time movies is I Am Legend and I really enjoyed the latest zombie big pic, World War Z. On my retail website (Country Kitchen SweetArt) “zombie” is currently one of the top search terms. These cute, not scary, zombie cookies are perfect for celebrating the undead! They are baked using cookie cutters from FRED. Order them here, then decorated with run sugar.


Decorated Zombie Cookies

Skeletons and Pumpkins- Bright Treats for a Halloween Party

The following Halloween projects are perfect for simple treats that kids can help make. Bright colors were chosen, but you can give the treats a spookier look by using black and white instead. This was one of a project that was cut from my book, Decorate Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookies with Kids. My son, Simon and my mom decorating a skeleton face cake, skeleton face and pumpkin cookies, skeleton bone caramel pretzels, and pumpkin donuts.


Donut holes were sprayed with orange food color spray. Green rolled fondant was shaped for the stem.

Ready-to-go caramel was shaped and gently pressed on the ends of pretzel rods. After the caramel was shaped, the bones were dipped in bright colors of chocolate candy coating.

LSKAC-02-208 White rolled fondant was colored with electric green food color. Black rolled fondant eyes were cut using round cutters. The mouth was piped using black royal icing and tip #3.

Skeleton face and pumpkin cookies were covered with rolled fondant . The eyes were made using mini round cutters and round plunger cutters. The mouth and nose were piped using tip #1.5.

Check out my book, Decorate Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookies with Kids for more fun projects! cover

End of Summer Hawaiian Bash

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of summer. My kids start school in about two weeks! Here are some projects made for celebrating summer with a Hawaiian Luau. The cookies, cake, and cupcakes were all made using rolled fondant and textured using the Hawaiian texture mat set.

sample-hawaiian (1 of 1)


sample-hawaiian2 (1 of 1)

sample-hawaiian3 (1 of 1)


I can’t take credit for these adorable coconut drink cakes. Mindy, my co-worker made these.

sample-hawaiian4 (1 of 1)

Painted Easter Bunny, Duck and Chick Cookies

Back in 1993- yikes…that seems like ages ago… anyway, in 1993 I picked up a Better Homes and Garden Christmas Cookies magazine. The magazine featured a family who painted cookies every year at Christmas. I loved the idea of painting on cookies. This article really ignited my passion for cookies. From that day on, I began painting and piping with cookie icing nearly daily. Although I will  get into candy making moods, or cupcake making moods, and even jewelry making moods, but I seem to always come back to decorating cookies as my absolute favorite pasttime.  These Easter cookies are covered in white run sugar icing. After the icing has hardened (overnight), the cookies are painted with food color thinned with water.

Painted Easter Bunny, Chick and Duck Cookies

Chick and Lamb Easter Cake and Treats

Chick and Lamb Cupcakes

Chick Easter Cake

It’s time to start thinking about spring! I was inspired by the chick and lamb plastic rings that were used as the cupcake accents. The lamb and chick cakes are made using a sphere cake pan. The cakes are covered in fondant and have fondant accents. The cupcakes are super easy and are made with colored flaked coconut using the Easter rings. The cookies are made with oval and circle cookie cutters and are covered with rolled fondant. Specific instructions for each project can be found on Country Kitchen SweetArt’s website.

Simon’s Construction Birthday Party Cake

This cake is a cake featured in the gallery section of my book, Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating. I also created some cookies to coordinate. Simon (my son), now wants this cake for his birthday. He’s never been “into” construction toys, but I guess since it has his name on, he thinks it should be the cake for his birthday! The cake board is covered with red fondant and textured with my brick texture mat. The bottom tier has wood panels created with a wood texture mat and rolled fondant. The top tier is covered with yellow fondant and has cut strips using black fondant. The hard hat, hammer and orange cone was hand molded. The nails were cut using the opening of tip #6 and grey fondant. The fondant was painted with silver luster dust. “Simon” was cut using the cricut cake.

Construction Theme Birthday Cake

Road Sign Sugar Cookies

Brown, Red, White and Green Decorated Christmas Cookies

These Christmas cookies are covered with rolled fondant using various texture mats from my Cookie Cutter Texture Sets. The holly is created using a plunger cutter from PME. Fine details were piped with royal icing.

Christmas Cookies decorated with Rolled Fondant