Painted Easter Bunny, Duck and Chick Cookies

Back in 1993- yikes…that seems like ages ago… anyway, in 1993 I picked up a Better Homes and Garden Christmas Cookies magazine. The magazine featured a family who painted cookies every year at Christmas. I loved the idea of painting on cookies. This article really ignited my passion for cookies. From that day on, I began painting and piping with cookie icing nearly daily. Although I will  get into candy making moods, or cupcake making moods, and even jewelry making moods, but I seem to always come back to decorating cookies as my absolute favorite pasttime.  These Easter cookies are covered in white run sugar icing. After the icing has hardened (overnight), the cookies are painted with food color thinned with water.

Painted Easter Bunny, Chick and Duck Cookies

Easter Bunny and Carrots

Easter, Easter, Easter! Yay! A Fun bunny and carrot theme perfect to add a bit of cuteness to the Easter table. The cake and all of the treats are super simple to decorate.

The cake is covered with blue rolled fondant. Grass is piped along the edge. Piping gel is spread on the base and is sprinkled with cookie crumbs. The bunny was hand molded. For a bunny this size (he is about 7 inches tall), the body must be made using gum paste for stability. Ideally, the body should be made several days ahead of time with an apple stick through the center of his body to support the head (especially since his head is so gargantuan!). The apple stick should extend about an inch or two above the body. The bunnies ears also must be made several days ahead of time. Several days later, the bunny head can be formed and placed on the apple stick.

There was not a bunny head cookie cutter that I liked, but I did like the head from of a 8″ sitting bunny cutter. I simply cut the head off. The cookies are covered in fondant, and sculpted using a blunt end of a paring knife.

I was inspired by a vegetable dip with carrots I saw on Pinterest. Instead of using a cup of vegy dip, the flower pot served as a vessel to hold a cupcake iced in chocolate and cookie crumbs. Instead of real carrots (ummm… that would just be weird…), chocolate carrots were used.

The chocolate bunnies are solid. They were made for display. If I were to make these for an Easter party, I would fill them with my favorite Easter candy center—Peanut butter! Of course the bunnies are surrounded by more chocolate carrots!

The last treat is the easiest. Simply carrot cello bags filled with orange sixlets.

I used Oreo cookie crumbs(without the cream filling) to display the cookies and the candies. While I can’t promise that your table top will remain clean should you choose to copy the cookie crumb idea, it will still make an adorable setting for your bunny and carrot treats! For detailed instructions on these projects, visit Country Kitchen’s Website.

Bunny and Carrot Cookies with Fondant
Cupcakes in a flower pot with Chocolate carrots
Chocolate Bunnies and Carrots
bags of carrots with candy

Chick and Lamb Easter Cake and Treats

Chick and Lamb Cupcakes

Chick Easter Cake

It’s time to start thinking about spring! I was inspired by the chick and lamb plastic rings that were used as the cupcake accents. The lamb and chick cakes are made using a sphere cake pan. The cakes are covered in fondant and have fondant accents. The cupcakes are super easy and are made with colored flaked coconut using the Easter rings. The cookies are made with oval and circle cookie cutters and are covered with rolled fondant. Specific instructions for each project can be found on Country Kitchen SweetArt’s website.