Icing Smiles Brave Heart Bryson Cake

I had the pleasure of creating my third Icing Smiles cake for a sweet little guy who was celebrating his first birthday. His nick name is Brave Heart Bryson, so the family wanted lots of hearts. My assistants, Theresa and Sarah helped create this cake. I hope Bryson and his family enjoyed his first birthday cake as much as we enjoyed making it for him!




Valentine Cupcakes

Valentine cupcakes with Edible Frosting Sheets

These valentines cupcakes are another sample from my book. The edible frosting sheets are a quick and pretty way to add a lot of detail and color to cupcakes. Simply ice the cupcake with buttercream and place the edible image (that was cut in a circle), on top of the iced cupcakes. The heart accents are cut from patchwork cutters. Small royal icing dots surround the hearts.

Cut the frosting sheet in a circle large enough to cover the iced cupcake

SWAK Valentine cookies, candies and cake

SWAK lips and valentine love envelope cupcakes

SWAK envelope sheet cake

SWAK lips and Valentine love envelope cookies

SWAK kiss candy sucker bouquet

Valentine’s day love notes and kisses are great symbols for Valentine’s Day! I love the SWAK theme and have seen it all over stores this Valentine’s day. I had fun coming up with this theme and these four treats were super easy and fast to decorate. The cupcakes were piped with buttercream icing and accented with rolled fondant details. The lips were molded from a candy mold. The envelopes were cut from a rectangle metal cutter. The sheet cake was covered in fondant and accented with cut rolled fondant letters and candy molded lips. The cookies were decorated using thinned royal icing (flood icing). The sucker bouquet was created with red candy coating using a lip sucker mold. Complete instructions for these treats can be found on Country Kitchen SweetArt’s website.

LOVE Blossoms Valentine theme cakes, candies and cookies

Large crunchy chocolate bark bar with LOVE

This collection of Valentine’s day treats are created using edible frosting sheets in red, pink and white as well as chocolate treats with “LOVE”. Rolled fondant flowers with the edible frosting sheets adorn the buttercream iced square cake. The heart shape cookies are simply iced and decorated with the edible frosting sheets. The caramel-filled candies are molded, and when released, decorated with piped chocolate white dots and a rolled fondant letter. The LOVE bark bar was painted red and pink first, then filled with chocolate and candy crunch. After the bark was released from the mold, white dots were piped around the edge.

Truffles for My Valentine Class- February 10, 2009

Teaching my students how to make truffles is so much fun.   Most are surprised at how easy it is to create truffles in a variety of techniques including molding and dipping.    In this hands-on class the students make several different truffles including:   raspberry, caramel, mocha, deluxe nut and many more flavored truffles.  The students divide the truffles made in class, and everyone takes home a heart-shaped box filled with truffles.   It is probably the messiest class for students as well as the dishwasher, but the students are thrilled with the generous box of delectable truffles to share with their loved ones!