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Easter Bunny and Carrots

Easter, Easter, Easter! Yay! A Fun bunny and carrot theme perfect to add a bit of cuteness to the Easter table. The cake and all of the treats are super simple to decorate.

The cake is covered with blue rolled fondant. Grass is piped along the edge. Piping gel is spread on the base and is sprinkled with cookie crumbs. The bunny was hand molded. For a bunny this size (he is about 7 inches tall), the body must be made using gum paste for stability. Ideally, the body should be made several days ahead of time with an apple stick through the center of his body to support the head (especially since his head is so gargantuan!). The apple stick should extend about an inch or two above the body. The bunnies ears also must be made several days ahead of time. Several days later, the bunny head can be formed and placed on the apple stick.

There was not a bunny head cookie cutter that I liked, but I did like the head from of a 8″ sitting bunny cutter. I simply cut the head off. The cookies are covered in fondant, and sculpted using a blunt end of a paring knife.

I was inspired by a vegetable dip with carrots I saw on Pinterest. Instead of using a cup of vegy dip, the flower pot served as a vessel to hold a cupcake iced in chocolate and cookie crumbs. Instead of real carrots (ummm… that would just be weird…), chocolate carrots were used.

The chocolate bunnies are solid. They were made for display. If I were to make these for an Easter party, I would fill them with my favorite Easter candy center—Peanut butter! Of course the bunnies are surrounded by more chocolate carrots!

The last treat is the easiest. Simply carrot cello bags filled with orange sixlets.

I used Oreo cookie crumbs(without the cream filling) to display the cookies and the candies. While I can’t promise that your table top will remain clean should you choose to copy the cookie crumb idea, it will still make an adorable setting for your bunny and carrot treats! For detailed instructions on these projects, visit Country Kitchen’s Website.

Bunny and Carrot Cookies with Fondant
Cupcakes in a flower pot with Chocolate carrots
Chocolate Bunnies and Carrots
bags of carrots with candy

Black and White Whimsical Floral Wedding Cake

Black and White Whimsical Floral Tier Cake

This cake is quite easy to make, but it is important to make the flowers ahead of time. The flowers are molded with white gum paste, using my Flower fun candy mold. To use the mold with gum paste, lightly spray the mold with a grease cooking spray, like Pam. Wipe the excess off the mold with a paper towel. Press gum paste into the cavities. Use excess gum paste to pull the flower from the mold. Allow the molded flowers to set overnight, or several days. When set, color with a black food color marker. When ready to decorate the cake, roll black fondant, texture with diamond scroll from my Floral texture mat set, then cut panels to fit on the sides of the top and bottom tier. Small white dots were piped using royal icing. A black royal icing border covers the seams of the black panels. The middle tier was covered with white rolled fondant. Piping gel was applied to the back of Damask edible image strips and placed around the side. Once the tiers are decorated, piping gel attach the flowers.

Barnyard Farm Birthday party theme

Down on the Farm Cake from my book, Complete Photo guide to Cake Decorating

Cupcakes with green piped buttercream grass with purchased adorable pre-made figurines.

Barnyard two-tier cake

Farm Animal Cookie Bouquets

Quick and Easy Cupcakes with Plastic Picks

Quick decorated cookies with edible frosting sheets

I’ve always loved cute animals, especially sweet little farm animals. When ever I am in the mood to create animals, I instantly seem to think that chubby pigs, cuddly lambs, and sweet little chicks are the way to go. The cakes, cookies and cupcakes above are some farm creations I have made in the past. Complete instructions for these projects can be found on Country Kitchen SweetArt’s website.

Valentine Cupcakes

Valentine cupcakes with Edible Frosting Sheets

These valentines cupcakes are another sample from my book. The edible frosting sheets are a quick and pretty way to add a lot of detail and color to cupcakes. Simply ice the cupcake with buttercream and place the edible image (that was cut in a circle), on top of the iced cupcakes. The heart accents are cut from patchwork cutters. Small royal icing dots surround the hearts.

Cut the frosting sheet in a circle large enough to cover the iced cupcake

SWAK Valentine cookies, candies and cake

SWAK lips and valentine love envelope cupcakes

SWAK envelope sheet cake

SWAK lips and Valentine love envelope cookies

SWAK kiss candy sucker bouquet

Valentine’s day love notes and kisses are great symbols for Valentine’s Day! I love the SWAK theme and have seen it all over stores this Valentine’s day. I had fun coming up with this theme and these four treats were super easy and fast to decorate. The cupcakes were piped with buttercream icing and accented with rolled fondant details. The lips were molded from a candy mold. The envelopes were cut from a rectangle metal cutter. The sheet cake was covered in fondant and accented with cut rolled fondant letters and candy molded lips. The cookies were decorated using thinned royal icing (flood icing). The sucker bouquet was created with red candy coating using a lip sucker mold. Complete instructions for these treats can be found on Country Kitchen SweetArt’s website.

Santa clothes cake with snowflake cake and cookies

Chocolate panel cake with snowflakes and Santa's Clothes

This collection of treats is from my book “Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating”. I am so excited! I just heard that I may be receiving a copy any day! It is officially out February 1. (Preorder on Amazon.com or Country Kitchen SweetArt) This cake is covered with chocolate panels using light blue chocolate and snowflake chocolate transfer sheets. The decorations are created with gum paste and PME’s gum paste Santa cutter. The snowflake cookies were made with my snowflake cookie cutter texture set using light blue fondant and piped royal icing designs. The Oreo cookies were dipped in light blue chocolate and decorated with piped run sugar accents.

Sneak peek of my Cupcake and Cookie Texture Sheets

I have several designs of Cupcake and Cookie Texture Sheet Sets coming out early next year. The sets will include mats with designs for cupcakes and round cookies. Each set will include three different designs. These sheets will make decorating easy! The sample below is from my Whimsy Floral set. Other sets will be Classic Floral, Geometric, Scrolls, and two Christmas sets.

Christmas Cupcakes with Holly and Berries