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Brown, Red, White and Green Decorated Christmas Cookies

These Christmas cookies are covered with rolled fondant using various texture mats from my Cookie Cutter Texture Sets. The holly is created usingĀ a plunger cutter from PME. Fine details were piped with royal icing.

Christmas Cookies decorated with Rolled Fondant

Sweet Christmas- Candy cane and cupcake theme

I had a lot of fun creating treats for my daughter’s cupcake birthday, so I repeated the theme, adding candy canes, for a “Sweet Christmas”. Directions for these treats can be found here: Country Kitchen SweetArt

Cupcake, Candy, and Candy Cane Cookie Bouquet

Cupcake and Candy Cane Chocolate Suckers

Cupcake and Candy Cane Truffles

Cupcakes with candy cane and cupcake accents

Christmas Cupcake Cake Balls