New Book, The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating is here!

I am so excited to release my second book in the Complete Photo guide series! This book is on cookie decorating. I am thrilled with how the book turned out. The book includes lots of step by step instructional photos on all the techniques shown on this blog.

cookie book

Order the book from Country Kitchen SweetArt and receive a free gift. Also available from Qbookshop and Amazon.

6 thoughts on “New Book, The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating is here!

  1. I am a decorating novice so I love your cake decorating book. Thank you! I can’t wait to read your cookie decorating book and try out the techniques. Do you know if it will be available as an ebook (kindle or ibook)?

    • Hi Sarah, I’m glad you have enjoyed the Cake Decorating book! The kindle version of the cookie book will be released April 1, 2013. Thanks for your interest in my latest book!

  2. I’m using your recipe for buttery sugar cookies, using this for wedding favors-wondering how far ahead of time I can bake my cookies? Also how to store until I decorate them. Thanks

    • Hi Sophie, the cookies can be baked a couple months ahead of time and frozen. Place the cookies in a single layer in the box. Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the first layer. Add additional cookies in single layers until reaching the top edge of the box. Close the box and tightly wrap with plastic wrap. Place the sealed box in the freezer. Remove the box several hours before you plan to decorate the cookies. Do not remove the plastic wrap until the cookies have come to room temperature.

      After they are decorated, they should be kept at room temperature. Refrigerating the cookies may cause colors to bleed. Depending on the icing used depends on how to store them. If the icing will smash, do not layer them. Otherwise, they can be kept in a container with parchment sheets between each layer.

      • Thanks, April, I will be baking ahead and freezing…Also I purchased your book–so many wonderful reviews just had to have it-can’t wait to get it…Thanks again!

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