My Book, The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating, is Now available!

Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating

I’m so happy with how my book turned out! I worked with a great publishing company, and Linda, my editor was so easy-going and helpful. I hope more books are to follow! I must give my mom a great big thanks for all her help and support on the book. Also, Bruce, my husband, was my biggest cheerleader (cliché… i know…but true!) He was super supportive of the hours that it took to complete this book. The book can be ordered from Amazon, or from Country Kitchen SweetArt. If ordering from Country Kitchen SweetArt, you receive my fabric texture set free, which is a $14.95 value!

22 thoughts on “My Book, The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating, is Now available!

  1. Congratulations Autumn your book is really amazing. I am recommending it to all my students …it is a “need to have”. All your books are great, keep on writing and thank you for sharing your knowldedge with all of us. Maria Kovacs – Golda’s Kitchen Cake Decorator Instructor

  2. I am a pastry arts student at the local community college. I ordered your book from after I “looked inside” the book. It’s been more than 8 days since it has been ordered. And I HAVE NOT GOT IT YET. What is happening? The book looks ideal for a beginner like me. But is there any shortage of copies? Usually, Amazon takes only a day or two to ship things. And the bookstores do not carry it. So, is there any way I get it faster thru some other websites??

    • Hi Clarice, yes there is a shortage. The publisher is already sold out. And amazon ran out as well. I don’t know of any other source who has them at this time. The books are supposed to be here by the end of the month. I’m so sorry that it is taking so long! Meanwhile, is there any technique that you are specifically looking for? I would be glad to help you out. Sorry for the delay.

  3. No, I’m in the Cakes class right now. It will be for 3 weeks. So, as a beginner, I need to practice everything, literally. I NEEDED the book badly since it is highly illustrated and my coursebook have instructions but fewer photos. I’m a visual-learner. The more I see, the better I do. So, that’s why I asked. Any seller who can ship the book faster??

    • Clarice- I went to amazon and clicked the button “other buying choices” (It is below the amazon add to cart button). There are several companies listed that carry the book. Several of them have them in stock. I would find the seller that is closest to you. Some of them also mention that they have expedited shipping available.

  4. I have brought your book from india .The book is excellent and ur hardwork has definitely paid off .I loved the flower designs,no. of techniques and detailing of the photos makes the book unique.The photos are incredible and a great asset to a amateur baker like me.I just want to know that you have not mentioned the recipes of the chocolate cake which looks fabulous.U have said its a bakers recipe.Could u please give me the vanilla and chocolate recipe.Thanks for your kind replies.

    • Hello in India! I’m so glad so have enjoyed the book. I really use cake mixes, (I know! Faux pas!!!) I focus most of my time on the decorating as I find that Duncan Hines (my favorite chocolate mix) and Betty Crocker (white mix) put out a great cake mix. I do have a red velvet recipe that I use from scratch, but I am pleased with the results I achieve from the mixes of basic flavors! Can you tell me what page number you are referring to so I can be sure I understand exactly what you are asking? By the way, If I am looking for a good recipe, I usually start with

  5. Thanks for your kind replies.Its page 21,pic4 and page 44 pic 1.U got ur own cake shop so i asked for the recipe.I am not into mixes coz its not healthy with all perservatives and addictives.Please include in future about oriental string decoration and pics of all different types of dust like pearl,highlighter etc.,.I just pray that i become 5% of you.I loved Gerbera daises and hand modeling animals ,enchanching borders ,paste accents made with clay etc.,they look so life like.Infact i just love the whole book.If you can please send me more tutorials on gumpaste flowers and modeling animals on my email.Thank you again for the valuable time and effort u put in this book.Its amazing.God bless and love you always.

    • I see, I totally understand about the cake mixes with all the additives! I should really start to make more of my own homemade cakes. Thank you for such nice words about the book.

  6. Thanks for a book that covers so many techniques – its a rare find! Its my reference guide on all topics.. Simply cant do without! Haven’t seen the hard copy in HK, thanks to the kindle edition got mine within seconds!!

  7. Hi Autumn! Received your book in the mail today and after a quick look through have now settled down to read it from cover-to-cover. I do have a question about the scoops mentioned on page 26, under the ‘Filling Baking Cups’ tip.The second last sentence says, “Use a 1 tablespoon (5 mL) scoop for mini cupcakes.” Should the 5 mL read 15 mL, or should the tablespoon read teaspoon? I’m thinking it’s the mL that’s incorrect, but before I start hunting down scoops just want to be sure. Many thanks in advance for the clarification 😀

    • Hi Melanie,
      Thank you for the find, yes, it should read 15ml! I am glad to know so we can fix the error for the next publishing!

  8. Hello from a sunny Durban, South Africa. Just placed my order with the book company here in South Africa and eagerly awaiting my copy…..tick tock…tick tock

  9. OMG! I was looking on Google for Valentine’s sheet cake ideas, and I can’t believe I found your blog. I just love your book. I don’t own it yet ($), but I get it often from the library. It really is the most comprehensive and clear book on this (intermediate?) level.

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