Cupcake Birthday Party Theme

Sydney is turning 12! This year has been a huge year for Syd! She started 6th grade -middle school! We’ve moved, so all of her friends are at a different school.  She is having a slumber party with a few of her close friends. She and I both love cupcakes, so we decided on a cupcake theme.  I made several special treats for the party. The instructions for all of these projects can be found on Country Kitchen SweetArt’s website. We planned on having her slumber party over labor day weekend, then she came down with pnemonia!  The treats are frozen and ready for her rescheduled party.  Leslie, my sister, helped Sydney make necklaces for all her friends. Each necklace had a cupcake picture and a little copper charm with their name. They turned out SO cute!

Sample of the Cupcake Necklaces

4 thoughts on “Cupcake Birthday Party Theme

    • Hi Erica, I just post ideas. They are pretty easy to do…or I would search Etsy for “Cupcake Suckers”. It is likely that these shops can custom make them whatever color you like. Please feel free to send them a picture (or link) from my blog.

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