Christine Schnee’s Flower Cake and April Farnum’s Cookies

The August/September 09′ issue of American Cake Decorating magazine featured Christine Schnee’s beautiful floral cake on the cover.  Christine used my Flower Fun mat with a very cool, unique fondant technique.  She created cane flowers (like the clay beads) and had amazing results!

Christine is known for innovative tools and techniques, such as the Cake Wheel and an instructional DVD using chocolate transfer sheets on fondant. Visit Christine’s site.


Also featured in the Aug/Sept issue were two of my cookie cutter texture sets with the most fabulous gown cookies I think I’ve seen!  April Farnum created Elizabethan Fashion Gown cookies in deep, jewel tones using several techniques and textures, including the swirl mat from the wedding cookie cutter set and the flower mat from the heart cookie cutter set.


Photo by Nathan Hoskins

2 thoughts on “Christine Schnee’s Flower Cake and April Farnum’s Cookies

  1. Thanks for putting out a GREAT product for use on fondant for COOKIES! It is often times hard to find tools that are scaled correctly for use on cookies. I look forward to purchasing the new sets and seeing what new creations I can make!

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