New Paisley Candy Mold to Coordinate with Paisley Texture Mat

I designed a paisley candy mold to coordinate with the paisley texture mat so that cakes and candies can be easily enhanced with a matching design.  Below is a sample of a cake decorated using the mold and texture mat.  The paisley texture mat was used with blue fondant directly on the cake board, and the paisley candy mold was used with coordinating colors of fondant and attached to the cake with piping gel.  Available at  More details at

Retro Paisely Cake

Retro Paisely Cake

4 thoughts on “New Paisley Candy Mold to Coordinate with Paisley Texture Mat

  1. I would love to know when the paisley mint mold is available. Have you thought about a paisley cookie cutter set?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Megan, the paisley accessory mold (which is on the cake) is available now. It has various sizes (lengths) and is thinner than the mint mold. You can contact Country Kitchen 260-482-4835 and request the mold. It is not on the web site yet, but should be within a week or two. The paisley mint mold will available in a week or two. I have the approved prototype in hand… just waiting for the molds to be produced! A cookie cutter set would be awesome…. 🙂 I believe the molds are $2.00 each.
      Thanks for your interest!

  2. I love paisleys and so does my daughter. We are planning her wedding… paisley invitations, paisley die-cut decorations for confetti, etc. I found a new set of paisley-shaped cake pans, three tiers, and your molds and other matchig items will make my job SO much easier! I can’t wait to see them all!

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