New Cookie Cutter Texture Sets

ICES in Orlando was a blast this year.  I had little time to visit Disney, but it didn’t matter… there was so much going on.  I introduced my Cookie Cutter Texture Sets, and they were well received.  The project was completed about two weeks before the show, so they just made it.  I’ve included pictures below of some of the samples created with the sets.  Simply roll fondant over cookie cutter texture mat, then cut fondant with the same cutter used in baking.  Attach to bake and cooled cookie with buttercream icing or piping gel.

Baby Cookie Cutter Texture Set (Duck was hand molded)

Wedding Cake Cookie Cutter Texture Set

Heart Cookie Cutter Texture Set

Topsy Turvy Cookie Cutter Texture Set

Topsy Turvy Cookie Cutter Set using multiple colors.

4 thoughts on “New Cookie Cutter Texture Sets

  1. I love these and I purchased the wedding cake set a few months ago. We want to use our buttercream frosting recipe and not fondant. Do you think that will work ok?

    Also, we like the colors you used in the photo. Can you recommend what food coloring I should use?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. Hi Margery, the wedding cakes are 4″ tall and the heart is 3″. Visit to see my new cutter sets coming out in a couple weeks which include a mini wedding cake/dress set, 4″ dress set, mini baby set and more!

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